He made me feel like this !

It was a friend request that brought back my childhood friend to my life again. This time I didn’t know if he would be my friend or something more , but it gave me a positive sign as soon as I saw his request. Accepting it , was the best decision I’ve ever made till date. 

He gave me positive vibes when I was texting him, but i really didn’t know if he felt the same . I slowly started falling for the way he treated me. I couldn’t stop myself thinking about him. I couldn’t really call it love because I didn’t know what love was like. Without talking to him on phone , without hearing his voice and without knowing his intentions on me, I really didn’t wanna call it love. I just happen to ignore what feelings i had on him and continued to be his best friend.

They say having a guy as a best friend is amazing and less drama, and being his friend was heavenly . I never had any guy best friend before, who became this close to me. We did face many awkward situations discussing on some awkward topics , but this awkwardness is what made us get this unbreakable bond. Fights are also one of the major reason why our friendship remained that strong.

After one long year we took out the topic ‘love’ from nowhere. Believe me, everytime we spoke about it I was wishing that he should propose me. But when things like that didn’t happen I thought I was seeing him in a wrong way. After a long chat for days and days about it , I did confess about my love towards him and the best part was HE LOVED ME TOO. I was on cloud nine !

Without meeting each other , we confessed our love to each other. Maybe you really don’t have to meet that person whom you love , it can happen over a virtual world too ! Now the big confusion was RELATIONSHIP .We had to get into a relationship or no , was the question here. Somehow we did get into a relationship. But things really didn’t go well between us. Not that he had changed or i had changed, it’s just that we started expecting more from each other. Six months of relationship was really strange between us. So we had to break up and we did break up.

He stayed with me even after i thought he was not mine anymore. He never left me alone . He shared all my happiness , all my sadness just the way he use to before we got into a relationship. He was the same guy I knew a year ago. Maybe relationship was just not our type. After few months we both did accept each other as friends again, though it took us quite a long time to get out of the relationship province.

 It was very hard to not love him so I tried to get away from him by trying to get into another relationship. To forget that I loved him , to stop myself from loving him, to help myself to get over it , I tried to get into another relationship. Only worst things happen to me after i took this decision. I forgot that I was doing wrong to both myself and him. Though he asked me to live a life I want to , be the way I love , get into relationship with any other guy, deep down inside I knew he still loved me and he was just helpless. New guys into my life was really not an option for me to stop loving him. So I never tried to stop loving him hereafter.

He accepted me , even after all the drama I did. He accepted me as a person, he accepted me as his friend , he accepted me as his love. No relationship, but immense love happened to grow then. And now I’m his , and he is mine . We really don’t know for how long this will last. But if there is something called forever, I want it to be us.


Life does change

Four years down the lane is when I first saw her smile at me wanting to sit next to me. It was then when we spoke for the first time. Deep down in my heart I knew she would be mine. But yes , I wanted time to get my thoughts to reality.

We were bench mates for two whole years and trust me we had a great bond . We would eat together, study together and we were partners in crime. Though she had a boyfriend she always use to run to me with all her problems , her joy , her happiness and all her tiny little things. I was her true soulmate. In fact I would be the person who makes decisions for her. Things between us was so beautiful and the bond was so very strong. Love and friendship were two magical ingredients to this beautiful bond.

One day , she came running to me crying out loud telling she broke up with the guy whom she thought was her whole life from past 6 years. I was with her, fighting all her fears , all her insecurities, I literally saw my beautiful girl grow strong and brave.

Now this beautiful innocent girl of mine made a right decision in selecting her life partner with her mother’s permission and her choice alone. She found her true need of survival and knows everything what’s right and wrong . Now she is a strong soul who can make her own decisions without any fear or any insecurity.

One fine day I saw my soulmate run to another person with all her problems, all her happiness , all her sadness and she shared each and every little thing with her life partner just the way she use to share with me from 4 years. Now she was no more my soulmate but his .

Maybe this is how life is . Your important person will have another important person in their life, it need not be you. You may feel that I was feeling bad that I lost my soulmate. But no, I am so happy for her because she grew as time passed. 

Sometimes thoughts and people don’t really last the same way , they keep changing. It’s us who have to adapt to everything around us. And about soulmate? I’ve found one for now . But can’t really say what and when thoughts or people change. 

Best co-passengers of my lifeĀ 

In the journey of life we meet many people as our co-passengers. We have been in the same journey for few years now. Yes our path changes after few months or years and we stop being the co-passengers and then that’s where our memories get back to these days. 

Days when stfu was not a slang but an emotion , when the tallest finger was not a sign of disrespect but a sign of love , when teasing was not annoying but a revenge taking factor , when sharing was applicable even for a rupee Candy, when caring was so real that the word fake never really excited, when gossips were to it’s peak .

Our last minute study, full gallery with notes, photoshoot just to change the profile picture, our very own friends as our teacher , too many boyfriend issues , heavy depression scenes , last minute Xerox story, late night consoling talks , 12 o’clock bday wishes , hangouts , free food and what not ???

Yes , when we change our path in our journey we end up getting all these memories that we did together. Little did we realize that we won’t be co-passengers any more ! We made the best journey together and I hope we’ll be co-passengers for a very long journey .

And when these memories strike you here I am one call away. 

Happy Friendship day to the ones who never gave up on friendship .

Escape from reality

Get away from what’s happening in your life to find yourself . You really have to know who you are before you take up any decisions in your life. You must know if you can handle it or face the situations. Well sometimes we take up decisions that are not really meant for us and face a lot of troubles. But giving up is not a solution there. Escaping from it for a while to know what you are doing is what you really want to do is a better option. 
Let me give you an example of myself here. I’m a very jovial person by nature. But when things don’t go as the way I’ve planned or expected I fall apart. That’s when it’s hard to face reality for me. Best thing to do when things like this happen is escape to bring back yourself together as one whole to face the real life. My way of escaping is to travel and meet new people. There are many ways people can escape the real life. Few people go to gym , few of them teach , few play their favourite sport and few of them eat too. But you gotta give yourself a little space away from reality and escape from it to find yourself within. Ask yourself if you are happy ? If you are with the right people ? If whatever you’re doing gives you happiness ? Only then , only then get back to reality.